My painting is a reflection, a testament, a commentary on my past endeavors, current adversity and future goals. It is a bridge built to shorten the long distance between ‘who I was’ and ‘where I wish to be’. My work represents the difficulty of facing my fears, thinking outside the box in a complicit age and enduring the painful darkness. As an artist who uses painting as a medium and as a scale to balance my past experience, the process of my art stems from the need to distinguish and replace my rotten thoughts with pure ones in due process of confessing, facing and accepting the reality and finally moving on.During this process, the glimpse through my collection of ideas and instead of just putting the finishing touch, I reinvent, rethink and re-imagine them on a bigger scale. By using this merry-go-around type of artistic thinking, I repeatedly go through this phase of singling out unique thoughts and depicting them with expressive emotion and energy.As an artist who is passionate in visualizing things from odd angles and different perspective, I use my fellow human beings as an embodiment of my ambiguous ideas, vague and scrambled thoughts waiting to morph in to evocative work of art. In other words, I try to reach, touch and feel the emotions, notions, interactions and most importantly the essence of being human and its colorful experience.Most of my creativity springs from simple observation of my surroundings and its inhabitants. These simple yet sophisticated, easy yet complicated, ideas that become rough versions of sketches; unfinished thoughts stored in form of papers. Sometimes this whole process feels like walking through the path of darkness, detached from everything and covered vision, like I am not allowed to the light. A feeling that will not go away or feel easy that only become good but cannot deny the void that projects an illusion which makes me feel so empty while trying be the opposite. As a result, I tried to enlighten the void by embracing the darkness; carefully unmasking the veils of humanity, norms, beauty, ugliness, and fear in its evil which was extremely hard and painful process since there is no ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’.