Kirubel AbebeAbout

Kirubel Abebe is a futuristic artist whose works are rooted from the unique and different characteristics, behavior and temperaments of human beings. His paintings give an honest reflection of the evolving manners of being human in a revolving planet. Therefore, a variety of his works are figurative paintings inspired by his daily interactions and analysis of people’s often fluctuating emotions, ego, pride, fear, taboos, belief and traditions.

If the process of birth is considered an art, then the world would be a long blue painting of the child’s life. Its dreams and aspirations, its pain and despair that couldn’t be brushed off easily. I was born and raised in Addis Ababa where my interest in art was rooted from a true desperation of visualizing and projecting life, which so many of us take for granted until it’s too late. I studied in Alle School of Fine Art and Design Addis Ababa University in which I furthered my interest and transformed it to passion.

Sometimes being an artist is like being on life support, the thought of existing without creating becomes a forbidden fruit, something that should never be experienced or touched. So, the artist lives with fear, a constant worry of the day he/she can no longer create. But I persisted. After graduating, I spent a brief time on self-discovery, scrutinizing my reasons to paint, since art without a purpose is like life without love, unbearable. Through self-reflection, I’ve achieved several opportunities to showcase my works on both local and international platforms. currently I’m working as a full time studio artist.

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